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Lou has been tattooing for 18 years. After making the decision to quit being a Driving Instructor to become a full time tattoo artist, she has applied many years to tattooing all styles, until she eventually decided that her best work was black and grey realism, and from then has specialised in this style ever since. Lou also does colour realism and watercolour style work, and has been known for her grey opaque cover ups. Lou currently works at Chapters Tattoo Studio in Birmingham.


Lou did an A-Level in Art and AS-Level in Ceramics in her late teens, then progressed into owning a hand painted clothing business with her mother, having a premises for sales and also doing craft fairs at weekends. She eventually changed to doing Pyrography, and mural painting.

Hobbies & Interests

Lou has many hobbies and interests, including, gaming and streaming on Twitch with her son, Hama bead pixel art, pottery, photography, woodwork, digital art, and reading.

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